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Print Is Not Going Anywhere

We live in a digital age. Our phones are rarely used for telephone calls anymore. Now, we use these palm-sized devices to read a book, get our news, and communicate via writing with the world around us. Yet, even with technology at the tip of our fingers, we still are a society that loves print. Authors are still selling printed books, in addition to digital copy. Magazines are still selling in printed form. And we still receive printed material in our mailboxes and businesses. Print is not going anywhere.

Tangible Benefits

Statistically speaking, almost half of the population still enjoys reading printed books and magazines. The reason is quite simple. Printed materials are tangible. People can feel them in their hands and feel as though they are actively interacting with the material. Holding paper in one's hands gives a sense of engagement. It is not quite as easy to drop a piece of paper, book, or magazine on the ground as it is to close a webpage and put your phone back in your pocket. Readers and consumers feel more connected to printed material than digital media. This same benefit applies to printed advertising. Consumers find printed advertisements and even business cards allow them to become more engaged in the advertisement by holding something in their hands.

Accountability Leads to Trust

Printed material is also much more difficult to delete or distort. As a result, it creates a level of accountability on the part of the business and a level of trust at the level of the consumer. Providing a printed coupon or fact sheet forces the business to honor what they promote. These items cannot be deleted and replaced. Therefore, the consumer has a level of expectation that the business will honor what it states. While advertising in any form is subject to ethical standards, consumers tend to trust a tangible printed message over a digital message based on the perception of digital media. In addition, print media is more costly than digital media. Therefore, consumers tend to feel the business is more committed to its message by investing more into its delivery.

Stands Apart from the Competition

Another benefit to print marketing over digital is that it stands out from the crowd. For people receiving advertisements in their emails, text messages, and websites, receiving printed material feels like a breath of fresh air. It "cuts through the digital noise," allowing the message to be seen more clearly. In today's world, people can delete advertisements without ever looking at the email. Yet, with print, a person must hold it to throw it away. That alone makes an impact as something different from the norm. At that point, people are more likely to take notice as to what they are holding and utilize that medium to then find your company online and utilize your products and services.

Whether you believed print was dead or have stood by your printed material advertising method since the dawn of time, Mad Monkey Media Group can help you perfect your printed message and reach a wider audience. Contact them today at 763.200.6489.

Signage: The Basics You Should Never Forget

You bought a property for your business. You have updated your business cards, email signature, and marketing materials. You bought a new sign for your front door and your reception area. Yet, you have not covered all of your bases. There are many other signs you need to purchase and display before you can be ready to open for business. Many of these signs are about compliance, as opposed to marketing, but not having them sends the wrong message to anyone visiting your facility. They send the message that you do not care about your visitors or employees.

Interior Signs

First, it is important to fill your new office space with interior signs. These signs are directional as well as informational. For instance, if you bought an office building with several tenants, it would be best to have a sign in the lobby indicating the suite number for each tenant. Another key sign would be restroom signs indicating which restroom is designated for whom, or if the restrooms are unisex. Other key signs would be to remind people to watch their step and letting individuals know whether you are open or closed and your hours of operation. Finally, name plates for each office and specific rooms is key to help your employees and guests navigate your own office space. These signs should always look professional and easy to read.

Exterior Signs

Your parking lot requires signs as well. Most of the time, these signs are provided by the building's owner, not the state or municipality. Yet, many times, these signs are required to meet specific guidelines. For instance, Handicap parking signs are a must have. Yet, the ADA mandates the guidelines these signs must meet.  It is important to review the types of signs required for your parking lot and building's exterior. First, as mentioned, handicap parking signs are necessary to make sure you are compliant with ADA guidelines. Another important parking lot sign would be signs designated parking, such as the CEO's parking spot, visitor parking, and customer parking regulations. Beyond the parking lot signs, other exterior signs would include your building number, which you may wish to leave as it is from the previous owner of change to match your style. You also need to place a sign on your property with your company's name, whether it is on the building or on the lawn. This allows you to advertise while serving the purpose of allowing people to easily find you. Finally, the standard entrance and exit signs are key to making sure your building is compliant with all fire safety laws.

Owning a business property is an exciting new milestone for any business. However, this type of milestone is not without great responsibility. All of your signage conveys a message that is necessary for you to not only be compliant with laws in your state and municipality, but they showcase your business before your client ever speaks with you. To make sure you are conveying the message you intend, contact the experts at Mad Monkey Media Group at 763.200.6489.

Artist or Computer

Your logo says a lot about your business. A strong logo can tell others that you have a strong worth ethic and even stronger morals. A well-designed logo tells people you care about your business and you take pride in your work. A basic logo may be perfect if you are a no frills business, but it will not go far if you need to impress your clientele and compete in the marketplace. Many industries and businesses require a sleek yet simple design for their logo, which can be done by either a machine or an artist. However, most businesses need the special touch of an artist to make their logos pop and help their business get noticed.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art form. It is not simply a computer putting images on a background and calling it art. Graphic design is the art of making visuals that can be used in business and advertising. In fact, most graphic design artists are artists who at one time designed their work using pen and paper. Now, they have learned how to utilize the computer to finalize the project. This art form is meant to sell your company from first glance. It catches the client?s attention through the aesthetics, conveying your company?s best characteristics in one piece of art.

Use the Artist

A computer may be able to make a basic design that will convey your message at a lower cost. With clip art and free stock art, it is possible to use your computer to make a standard article or blog post show a little jazz. However, this is not the intention of graphic design. It is essential to hire an artist to make sure your artwork is unique to your company. The worst thing is for a business to look lazy, like you copied another person?s design. Potential clients will see right through this type of ?art.? Worse, they will assume you will be lazy in putting together their jobs as well. That is never a good first impression to give a client. Once that impression has been made, that will be the lasting impression of you and your business throughout the industry.

Using an artist allows you to truly express your style and your sensibilities through your promotional items. A graphic artist may have a signature style, but no two designs will ever be alike. Working with an artist will help you bring your vision to life in the way only artists can do. It is the best way to showcase your willingness to go the extra mile for your clients.

A few business owners know and hire their graphic artists personally. Many work with promotional companies that employ graphic artists to help their clients provide the best image to their potential customers. Mad Monkey Media Group offers hand-crafted designs from the best local and national artists in the business, helping their clients gain an edge in business. When you are ready for the best look to express your business, contact Mad Monkey Media Group at (763) 200-6489.

Wear Your Message

There was a time when your marketing was limited to a printed brochure and a pen. Maybe you were thoughtful enough to offer sticky notes to people to remind them of your message. Back then, most people went to work in a suit and tie. Wearing a message in the form of branded clothing was mostly for certain service sector jobs. Those days are long gone. Today, even the most professional industries may still find the perfect opportunities to wear their message and advertise to a prospective client through their shirt or even their tie.

The Options

Branded clothing is no longer limited to just screen-printed messages. Many businesses choose embroidery as an option to advertise their business on their clothing. Items such as embroidered sweaters, ties, fleece outerwear, hats, and even standard T-shirts are available to promote your business with your logo. Your staff can wear your logo when walking to the corner store or sitting at a networking lunch. Even button-down shirts or dresses are options to showcase your business to other professionals. For those in the athletic industry, track pants are also available to highlight your business logo easily and comfortably. The possibilities are endless.

The Benefits

Advertising in any form is beneficial to your business in that it allows you to spread the word about your services to those that may not know you exist. Typically, leaving a client with something tangible can be useful because it will allow them to remember you when you are not around. However, wearing your message can actually accomplish several additional goals. Meanwhile, it is a constant reminder that your business is active and going strong.

First, wearing your message can be an opportunity to show uniformity. This can raise brand recognition when out at an event. If you have a booth at a trade show or are at an expo, making sure all of your attending staff is wearing your logo will make your business recognizable, even when your staff is away from your booth.

Second, wearing your message allows you to stand out from the crowd. When you are at an event surrounded by professionals in suits, ties, and other professional attire, you will stand out by wearing your brand. You will become easy to spot in a crowd as someone who stands out, leading to conversational ice breakers that may lead to gaining business.

Finally, with the advent of social media and photos at every event, wearing your logo will allow you to always be associated with your business. Individuals at trade shows, expos, and networking events often take photos to commemorate the success of the event. If you are photographed in your wearable branded clothing, those viewing the photos will consistently associate you with your brand. This is the point of marketing materials in the first place!

To learn more about the options available to your business for branded clothing, contact the experts at Mad Monkey Media Group at (763) 200-6489. Their expert artists and marketing gurus will help guide you and your business. They will implement the most effective methods of branding to make sure you always stand out from the crowd and your message is always seen.

Direct Mail Marketing Still Works

It is officially the year 2017. As a society, we are in the middle of the digital age. Everything is online. People watch their television shows, listen to their music, get their news, and do their shopping completely online. A person never truly needs to leave their house (except for the fact that getting out of the house is good for you). Many times, there is little to no reason to even get the mail. Yet businesses that use direct mail marketing swear by it. The reason is simple: it really does work. Even in this digital age, direct mail marketing still makes an impact on customers and gives a higher than expected return on investment.

The Audience

Businesses that use direct mail must know their audience. Direct mail is not for everyone. However, there is a large group of individuals who use products or coupons that come in the mail. Research is the most important piece of any direct mail campaign. Make sure you are conducting research regarding who your customers are, how they shop, and how they respond to unsolicited mailings. You may be surprised to learn that it is not just baby boomers who respond well to direct mail pieces. On the contrary, a lot of young parents and small business owners enjoy receiving mailers and products to try in the mail. Many times, they will sign up to receive this information through a website. This makes direct mail even more appealing, as opposed to when it just shows up unsolicited. In the same vein, if you are soliciting for a professional service business like an accountant or attorney, you may not have much luck with direct mail pieces to the millennial renter fresh out of college. Therefore, knowing your audience and conducting a few hours of research is always the first, most helpful step in the process.

The Mailer

People like free things and coupons. They like to save money. This has not changed. Therefore, if you are targeting a local market for your products, store, or services, giving something away is always a great introduction, even if it?s just a free consultation. The idea with the mailer is to catch a percentage of people?s attention. Then, once you grab their attention, offer something they cannot refuse. The key is to offer it with a follow-up. For example, they must login to a website or call with a specific code. This allows you to identify how the sale came to you and calculate whether the mailer actually worked for you.  

Direct mail is not something that should be taken lightly or expected to yield an extraordinary rate of return. However, it is a worthwhile venture to get your company out in front of your local market with a low overhead cost. While the market is becoming more digital day by day, getting mail is still something people enjoy ? especially when it is useful to their daily lives. If you are interested in learning more about developing a stellar direct mail campaign, contact the experts at Mad Monkey Media Group at (763) 200-6489.