Artist or Computer

Your logo says a lot about your business. A strong logo can tell others that you have a strong worth ethic and even stronger morals. A well-designed logo tells people you care about your business and you take pride in your work. A basic logo may be perfect if you are a no frills business, but it will not go far if you need to impress your clientele and compete in the marketplace. Many industries and businesses require a sleek yet simple design for their logo, which can be done by either a machine or an artist. However, most businesses need the special touch of an artist to make their logos pop and help their business get noticed.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an art form. It is not simply a computer putting images on a background and calling it art. Graphic design is the art of making visuals that can be used in business and advertising. In fact, most graphic design artists are artists who at one time designed their work using pen and paper. Now, they have learned how to utilize the computer to finalize the project. This art form is meant to sell your company from first glance. It catches the client?s attention through the aesthetics, conveying your company?s best characteristics in one piece of art.

Use the Artist

A computer may be able to make a basic design that will convey your message at a lower cost. With clip art and free stock art, it is possible to use your computer to make a standard article or blog post show a little jazz. However, this is not the intention of graphic design. It is essential to hire an artist to make sure your artwork is unique to your company. The worst thing is for a business to look lazy, like you copied another person?s design. Potential clients will see right through this type of ?art.? Worse, they will assume you will be lazy in putting together their jobs as well. That is never a good first impression to give a client. Once that impression has been made, that will be the lasting impression of you and your business throughout the industry.

Using an artist allows you to truly express your style and your sensibilities through your promotional items. A graphic artist may have a signature style, but no two designs will ever be alike. Working with an artist will help you bring your vision to life in the way only artists can do. It is the best way to showcase your willingness to go the extra mile for your clients.

A few business owners know and hire their graphic artists personally. Many work with promotional companies that employ graphic artists to help their clients provide the best image to their potential customers. Mad Monkey Media Group offers hand-crafted designs from the best local and national artists in the business, helping their clients gain an edge in business. When you are ready for the best look to express your business, contact Mad Monkey Media Group at (763) 200-6489.


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