Brand Recognition through Your Logo

Your logo is your brand. It is the first thing people recognize when they see your advertisements. It is the piece that is embedded in their mind?s eye whenever your company is mentioned or discussed. Some of the world?s most iconic logos started as ideas on a drawing board and have turned into trademarked images that bring to mind the company it represents in the most recognizable of ways. Therefore, it is key that your logo reflects the image of your company as you perceive it.


Some logos are mostly graphics with little or no wording. Take, for example, the Nike Swoosh. The Nike Swoosh is a symbol. It can be seen in almost any color, depending on the target market. It rarely includes the brand name ?Nike? near it. Yet when a person sees that symbol, that person knows, without any doubt, the product is a Nike product.

Other logos may be the word with some sort of graphic, such as the Coca-Cola logo or even the Adidas logo. These logos are made out of the word for the product; however, there is an artistic flair to the writing and some type of graphic. Adidas, for instance, is either accompanied by the three bars or the trefoil. Whether the word ?Adidas? accompanies the symbol, the target market knows the brand associated and knows the product is an Adidas product.

Important Factors

Whether your business is a small start-up or a well-known franchise, your logo is an important piece of your marketing campaign. When developing the logo, there are certain key factors that should be included. First, and foremost, know your target audience. If your product is meant to target senior citizens over the age of 75, it is best to avoid artwork or images that are too advanced or youthful to be remembered or understood. In the same vein, if you are targeting children, your logo should be something young and fun, yet not offensive to children or their parents.

Another important element is to make sure your logo is clean. If your logo is difficult to read or unattractive to your target audience, it will become an ineffective marketing tool, turning people off from your product or service. However, if your logo is attractive, clean, and uncluttered, many people will have a positive opinion and association.

Finally, make sure your logo is created in a format that can be manipulated to fit large or small advertising platforms. Some logo companies provide a specific type of document that cannot be manipulated and looks sloppy when enlarged or made smaller. A good logo design will be presented in a format that is easy to manipulate to allow for maximum exposure, no matter the platform or size.

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