Bringing Your Business into the New Year

You run a successful business that has been operating for over 10 years. You built this business from the ground up. You created a product that no one had ever seen before and built an empire around it. Then, the competition started to scratch at your door. Newcomers to the business world found a way to either duplicate or improve upon your ideas and make them their own. In addition, these new business owners had an edge: they were new and exciting. They appealed to the younger generation. While you know your tried and true customers will never leave, these new invaders can make it very difficult for you to attract new business, especially with a ten-year-old brand. Do not worry. You do not need to throw in the towel. You just need to rebrand.

Your Logo

Your logo is your brand. If used properly, people see a logo and immediately know the brand it represents. However, even the best logos need an update every now and again. The key is to maintain its essence while bringing it into the new age. May you can brighten it up, add an accent, or take away some color. There are many options available for you to update your logo without losing your brand. Many of the most well-known logos today have been updated at least once over the past twenty years. The change is often subtle, and most people do not recognize the change until it is brought to their attention. However, the company still benefits from the update. When it comes to rebranding, subtlety is key.

Your Message

Updating your logo is only one piece of the puzzle when you are looking to rebrand. Another important piece is updating your materials. Much like insurance policies and legal documents, your marketing materials should be examined at least once a year. This serves several purposes. First of all, terminology changes on a regular basis. Whether your clients are millennials or men in their 70s, new terms and key phrases enter the vernacular annually. If your company is involved in technology or medicine, this may occur quarterly. In order to stay relevant to your client base, the verbiage you use must keep up with the times. New marketing materials allow for this to occur regularly.

Another benefit is it allows you to update your physical image. Changing your logo may also include changing the image you wish to project to the world. Therefore, it is important to incorporate this new image into everything you produce. Your signs, brochures, and even business cards should reflect the image that you are projecting ? not the one you are fading out.

Finally, new materials get people talking. When clients see a new cover, they often are interested to find if the business narrative has changed. In your case, the base story is the same, but you are reinventing your business to stay relevant to the consumer. You want people to talk about this change and start calling you with their newly piqued interests.

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