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Approximately three months into the New Year, trade show season begins for most industries. Trade shows are events in which vendors gather together with their competitors and duke it out to win over the customer. This may be a first impression your business makes on a potential customer. Alternately, it may be the opportunity for a long-time customer to finally put a face to a name, making a lasting impression. No matter your business experience, a trade show will provide you with the opportunity to show you are on top of your game and putting your best foot forward.


The first must-have for a trade show is standout signs. These signs can be banners, pull-up signs, stands, or even tablecloths ? or a combination of all of the above. When designing your signage, the key is to make the text concise to allow your signs to catch the eye of your target customer. Too many words and colors can actually be distracting and unappealing. Think of your sign as a lure to grab the attention of the passerby. Give them a reason to stop to say hello.


Once you have caught your customers? attention, you must provide them with material that keeps you on their mind. Make sure your merchandise is something a bit different and useful. Pens are overdone. Everyone uses pens. Find a way to market yourself as a company that is willing to think outside of the box and has innovative ideas. Your written materials should also be fresh, keeping the reader?s attention from beginning to end. Provide just the right amount of information to keep the reader interested in picking up the phone and making an appointment.

Marketing and Return on Investment

All of the information above is great, but it only applies once your potential customer is actually at the trade show. However, the key to a successful trade show is marketing yourself and the show prior to the event. Let your prospective customers and referral partners know that you will be in attendance at the trade show. Ask them to come by and say ?hi? and grab some cool information while they are there.

In addition, make sure you follow up on all of the leads you received at the trade show. All of your materials should indicate that they were received at the trade show. This way, you can track the actual return on investment. If you supply a coupon or a special offer, make sure that you can track that it came from the show by using a specific discount code. If you send out an email about the trade show, track who attended the show and visited your table as a result. This will help you not only turn the leads into sales, but determine whether the trade show is a good investment for the following year.

As you prepare for your upcoming trade shows in 2017, contact the experts at Mad Monkey Marketing at (763) 200-6489. They will help you stand out from your competitors and close the deals.


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