Print Is Not Going Anywhere

We live in a digital age. Our phones are rarely used for telephone calls anymore. Now, we use these palm-sized devices to read a book, get our news, and communicate via writing with the world around us. Yet, even with technology at the tip of our fingers, we still are a society that loves print. Authors are still selling printed books, in addition to digital copy. Magazines are still selling in printed form. And we still receive printed material in our mailboxes and businesses. Print is not going anywhere.

Tangible Benefits

Statistically speaking, almost half of the population still enjoys reading printed books and magazines. The reason is quite simple. Printed materials are tangible. People can feel them in their hands and feel as though they are actively interacting with the material. Holding paper in one's hands gives a sense of engagement. It is not quite as easy to drop a piece of paper, book, or magazine on the ground as it is to close a webpage and put your phone back in your pocket. Readers and consumers feel more connected to printed material than digital media. This same benefit applies to printed advertising. Consumers find printed advertisements and even business cards allow them to become more engaged in the advertisement by holding something in their hands.

Accountability Leads to Trust

Printed material is also much more difficult to delete or distort. As a result, it creates a level of accountability on the part of the business and a level of trust at the level of the consumer. Providing a printed coupon or fact sheet forces the business to honor what they promote. These items cannot be deleted and replaced. Therefore, the consumer has a level of expectation that the business will honor what it states. While advertising in any form is subject to ethical standards, consumers tend to trust a tangible printed message over a digital message based on the perception of digital media. In addition, print media is more costly than digital media. Therefore, consumers tend to feel the business is more committed to its message by investing more into its delivery.

Stands Apart from the Competition

Another benefit to print marketing over digital is that it stands out from the crowd. For people receiving advertisements in their emails, text messages, and websites, receiving printed material feels like a breath of fresh air. It "cuts through the digital noise," allowing the message to be seen more clearly. In today's world, people can delete advertisements without ever looking at the email. Yet, with print, a person must hold it to throw it away. That alone makes an impact as something different from the norm. At that point, people are more likely to take notice as to what they are holding and utilize that medium to then find your company online and utilize your products and services.

Whether you believed print was dead or have stood by your printed material advertising method since the dawn of time, Mad Monkey Media Group can help you perfect your printed message and reach a wider audience. Contact them today at 763.200.6489.


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