Signage: The Basics You Should Never Forget

You bought a property for your business. You have updated your business cards, email signature, and marketing materials. You bought a new sign for your front door and your reception area. Yet, you have not covered all of your bases. There are many other signs you need to purchase and display before you can be ready to open for business. Many of these signs are about compliance, as opposed to marketing, but not having them sends the wrong message to anyone visiting your facility. They send the message that you do not care about your visitors or employees.

Interior Signs

First, it is important to fill your new office space with interior signs. These signs are directional as well as informational. For instance, if you bought an office building with several tenants, it would be best to have a sign in the lobby indicating the suite number for each tenant. Another key sign would be restroom signs indicating which restroom is designated for whom, or if the restrooms are unisex. Other key signs would be to remind people to watch their step and letting individuals know whether you are open or closed and your hours of operation. Finally, name plates for each office and specific rooms is key to help your employees and guests navigate your own office space. These signs should always look professional and easy to read.

Exterior Signs

Your parking lot requires signs as well. Most of the time, these signs are provided by the building's owner, not the state or municipality. Yet, many times, these signs are required to meet specific guidelines. For instance, Handicap parking signs are a must have. Yet, the ADA mandates the guidelines these signs must meet.  It is important to review the types of signs required for your parking lot and building's exterior. First, as mentioned, handicap parking signs are necessary to make sure you are compliant with ADA guidelines. Another important parking lot sign would be signs designated parking, such as the CEO's parking spot, visitor parking, and customer parking regulations. Beyond the parking lot signs, other exterior signs would include your building number, which you may wish to leave as it is from the previous owner of change to match your style. You also need to place a sign on your property with your company's name, whether it is on the building or on the lawn. This allows you to advertise while serving the purpose of allowing people to easily find you. Finally, the standard entrance and exit signs are key to making sure your building is compliant with all fire safety laws.

Owning a business property is an exciting new milestone for any business. However, this type of milestone is not without great responsibility. All of your signage conveys a message that is necessary for you to not only be compliant with laws in your state and municipality, but they showcase your business before your client ever speaks with you. To make sure you are conveying the message you intend, contact the experts at Mad Monkey Media Group at 763.200.6489.


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