Stand Out with a Great Hand Out

Summer time is the best time to gear up for the trade show season, which starts in September. When you are present with a booth at a trade show, you are looking to stand out from all of your competition. Your job is to draw people to your booth and then wow them with your company’s integrity, work product, and culture. And while the look of the booth matters, the true thought on everyone’s mind is, “what cool gadgets can I pick up?” Many times, these same people will grab your pen, throw it in the bag with everyone else’s pen, and keep walking, barely even catching your name. Unless, you have an awesome handout that helps you brand your company and start a conversation at the same time.

Branded is Best

The first key to making sure your items at your trade show booth are worthwhile is to make sure they are representing your brand. Not only should you include your name, colors, and logo on the item (as well as your contact information), but they should represent something about your company. For instance, an architectural firm may want to have a hard-hat shaped stress ball or sticky notes with a blueprint background. This will enhance the branding of the product and remind people about your firm when they simply see it on the deck, no matter where your info is on the item. With the vast array of products available, the sky is the limit to help you and your company stand out from the crowd. The most important factor is that your products represent you, and you alone. Allowing your brand to become synonymous with you and your company is key to successful marketing.

The Conversation Starter

The second part of the giveaway phenomenon is the conversation starter. These promotional items are perfect to grab a potential client and pull them in to learn about your item and your company. Items such as USB chargers, buzz brushes, and even other electrical gadgets may not be commonplace for many people. Therefore, the person will see your item and wonder what it is and how it works. This is the perfect opportunity to chat with them about their business and needs to see if they are a good prospect for you. A simple 45 or under giveaway could be the conversation starter needed to land your next million-dollar project!

None of this is to say that a pen is not worth the time. If a pen is truly the best representation of your company, then make sure it stands out from the crowd. Try to find an odd shaped pen, or one that is exquisite, yet not too expensive. Make it “the pen” a person will want to use at all times.

No matter how you wish to stand out from the crowd, Mad Monkey Media can help. Contact us today at 763-200-6489. We are happy to help design your promotional gifts, or your table signs and printed material to showcase your business.


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