The Art of Prospecting

Most professional businesses find the summer months to be the slowest months. Customers are enjoying family time and staying away from work as much as possible. And while business is still being conducted, it is not nearly as fruitful as it is the rest of the year. That is what makes the summer the best time for prospecting: meeting with potential customers and power partners to begin your business relationship. What better way to leave an impression than to leave a prospecting gift!

What is a Prospecting Gift?

A prospecting gift is a wonderful marketing tool that can keep you fresh in a potential client?s mind after your meeting ends. Enter the ?leave behind.? This is a type of gift that is small, inexpensive and creates a trigger concept in the prospect?s mind. For instance, if your business is an IT firm and you wish to leave a power bank behind with a catch phrase relating to running of power or shutting down and your business card, you are leaving a lasting impression on the prospect you just met with that is both innovative and useful. Such gifts are easy to carry with you, and can be produced on a small budget.

The True Benefit

The truth is, business cards, brochures, and even pens and notepads get lost in the shuffle. Most people have a million business cards and do not even know who belongs to what card. Many brochures will wind up in the trash by the end of the week. While they are helpful, they are also best sent electronically, unless meeting a large group of people at one time. And, do not even get started on pens. Most people have such a wide array of pens from sales people that they never need to buy a pen again!

A prospecting gift is different. It is more personal and it creates an opportunity for you to show you are human and have a sense of humor. You are using these products to engage your customer. As a result, the customer will be more likely to keep you in their mind whenever your services may be needed. A prospecting gift is a great way to show your creative side, which is always a great benefit to any client, no matter the industry.

The other benefit is that the prospecting gift is a great talking point. While you may believe the conversation is over, handing over a prospecting gift may open the door for additional information, questions, and opportunities. Much like an ice breaking statement, the prospecting gift can be a ?leave behind? in the same way leaving your sweater at your crush?s house works. It may create opportunities to meet and speak again.

If you are using the slowdown of the summer to improve your business prospects, contact the experts at Mad Monkey Media at 763.200.6489. Their team of experts will help you design the perfect prospect gift for your marketing needs while sticking to your budget and helping you stand out from the competition.  


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