Wear Your Message

There was a time when your marketing was limited to a printed brochure and a pen. Maybe you were thoughtful enough to offer sticky notes to people to remind them of your message. Back then, most people went to work in a suit and tie. Wearing a message in the form of branded clothing was mostly for certain service sector jobs. Those days are long gone. Today, even the most professional industries may still find the perfect opportunities to wear their message and advertise to a prospective client through their shirt or even their tie.

The Options

Branded clothing is no longer limited to just screen-printed messages. Many businesses choose embroidery as an option to advertise their business on their clothing. Items such as embroidered sweaters, ties, fleece outerwear, hats, and even standard T-shirts are available to promote your business with your logo. Your staff can wear your logo when walking to the corner store or sitting at a networking lunch. Even button-down shirts or dresses are options to showcase your business to other professionals. For those in the athletic industry, track pants are also available to highlight your business logo easily and comfortably. The possibilities are endless.

The Benefits

Advertising in any form is beneficial to your business in that it allows you to spread the word about your services to those that may not know you exist. Typically, leaving a client with something tangible can be useful because it will allow them to remember you when you are not around. However, wearing your message can actually accomplish several additional goals. Meanwhile, it is a constant reminder that your business is active and going strong.

First, wearing your message can be an opportunity to show uniformity. This can raise brand recognition when out at an event. If you have a booth at a trade show or are at an expo, making sure all of your attending staff is wearing your logo will make your business recognizable, even when your staff is away from your booth.

Second, wearing your message allows you to stand out from the crowd. When you are at an event surrounded by professionals in suits, ties, and other professional attire, you will stand out by wearing your brand. You will become easy to spot in a crowd as someone who stands out, leading to conversational ice breakers that may lead to gaining business.

Finally, with the advent of social media and photos at every event, wearing your logo will allow you to always be associated with your business. Individuals at trade shows, expos, and networking events often take photos to commemorate the success of the event. If you are photographed in your wearable branded clothing, those viewing the photos will consistently associate you with your brand. This is the point of marketing materials in the first place!

To learn more about the options available to your business for branded clothing, contact the experts at Mad Monkey Media Group at (763) 200-6489. Their expert artists and marketing gurus will help guide you and your business. They will implement the most effective methods of branding to make sure you always stand out from the crowd and your message is always seen.


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