Your Sign Material Matters

Signs are important pieces of your business advertising campaigns.  They can be informative, promotional, or simply letting a person know you exist. Whatever the purpose, the material of your sign can make or break your purpose. A flimsy outdoor sign will be destroyed in bad weather and therefore missed. Meanwhile, a flashy table sign may overpower your entire booth. When choosing your signage for your intended purpose, it is important to display your message in a professional yet eye-catching manner that is both durable and appropriate.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs must withstand various weather conditions and be visible in various lighting conditions as well.  For instance, a sign on a storefront will need to be the most durable, as it is consistently outside and costly to replace. Therefore, a storefront should consider metal, aluminum, or wood for the material of its sign.  If you are in a high wind zone or experience, especially harsh weather, metal may be your best option.  However, some areas may find wood or even aluminum to be a perfect fit for their location and the weather they endure.

On the flip side, if you need an outdoor sign for a temporary or moveable display, you want something that is lighter weight and easy to store.  These are less costly to replace and are not permanent fixtures for your location.  Therefore, canvas, mesh, backlit film, or even fabric may be a good option. Table cloth signs are more often fabric, whereas hanging signs or portable pull-up signs are more likely to be canvas. They clean easily, withstand wind and rain, and they store well.

Finally, especially for mobile signs, magnetic signs appear to be all the rage. Having the ability to remove your sign from your vehicle fills several purposes, making for an attractive, mobile option that is durable as well.

Indoor Signs

Depending on the nature of your indoor signage and your particular needs, the material may vary greatly. For instance, a permanent display, such as an in-store section sign may be made from a more durable material, such as Coroplast, injection molding, neon, or even aluminum.  These types of signs are intended to be more of a fixture and would not be moved easily. These signs would need to be even more durable, as they are difficult and more costly to replace.

However, temporary displays, such as a sale sign or booth signage need not be nearly as durable and must be easy and inexpensive to replace.  These signs may be made of plastic, cardstock, or even vinyl. They are easy to store and move, and they will serve their purpose for a short period of time. You may even notice some of these signs are made of foam to create a unique display that is disposable yet eye-catching.

Whatever your needs, when designing your sign, it is important to keep in mind the atmosphere in which you will be displaying the sign and the longevity you require before making a final purchase. When you make your decision to design and purchase signage, speak with the experts at Mad Monkey Media at (763) 200-6489 to help you navigate the possibilities and design the best signage for your needs.


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