Signage comes in many, many forms

The main purpose of signs is to communicate. In general, signs may be classified according to the following cataegories:
  • Information: signs conveying promotions, directories, or instructional signs.
  • Direction: signs showing the location of services, facilities and key areas.
  • Identification: signs indicating business, services or addresses
  • Safety and Regulatory: signs giving warning or safety instructions, or signs conveying rules and regulations.

Choosing the right material for you

Consider things like indoor or outdoor use, mounting options, and intended life span of the sign.
  • Paper, Cardstock, Foamcore, Etc
  • Plastic, Injection Molding, Vinyl, Coroplast, Magnet
  • Canvas, Backlit Film, Mesh, Fabric
  • Steel, Aluminum, Wood
The sky's the limit!

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